Akbar Z. Behbood

Microsoft ASP.Net 2.0 / 3.5 / 4.0 Web Developement & CMS Solutions in Iran.

Welcome to netpro official website, We are Microsoft ASP.Net 2.0 / 3.5 SP1 / 4.0 Web Developers;
Tabriz, Azerbaijan, Iran.

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WinCMS.Net Pro

A Web Publishing CMS allows non-technical authors and editors to easily and quickly publish their content which is otherwise done by technical programmers. By using a web publishing CMS, the company can save time and money! Most of web content management systems are not considered as a suitable CMS for Middle Eastern languages because they have never been thought of RTL languages in base developement phase, so when you modify the structure it will not be suitable for other languages in the other hand, that is why this CMS is developed exactly based on my own requirements as a multilingual website admnistrator.
WinCMS.Net Pro v2.0 is a complete standard CMS for profosseional webmasters who need to launche a multilingual web site/portal in a day's work! Extra add-ons and templates are available for customers.

Akbar Z. Behbood

...is a software engineer, web developer from Tabriz, Iran. He developes web applications using Microsoft's latest technologies.
His experiences are in the fields Internet / Windows / Web Application Development, Web Design, E-Commerce / CMS / CRM / ERPS / Web Portal Solutions, IT / ICT Consultation, Security / Training / Research, ASP.Net 2.0 / 3.5 / 4.0 Expertism, Digital Graphics, Automation & TCP/IP Programming.

Web Developement

ASP.Net 2.0 / 3.5 SP1 / 4.0 with C# 2008/2010 with a database on MS SQL Server 2008 R2 is our favourite choice for developing a website or a web application; Please contact us on any need for IT & ICT Consultation, CMS Solutions, Software, Automation, Teaching & Authoring, Hosting Solutions, Web Developement & Internet Programming.

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Developers: Join us in WinCMS.Net Pro Project Developement Team! If you want to add an extension or your local language to this cms, you are requested to contact us or visit my weblog to discuss technically!
Site Owners: Get your website known to others if it is powered by WinCMS.net Pro! FREE advertisments and SEO links to your site; Just contact us to be listed in our showcase!

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نسخه رایگان سیستم دارای اکثریت قابلیت ها می باشد و می توانید با آن یک وب سایت کامل راه اندازی کنید. برای اختصاصی سازی سیستم، می توانید نیاز های خود را به ما ارسال فرمائید، تا برآورد هزینه صورت گرفته و طبق توافق، سفارش شما انجام گیرد.

توجه: آخرین نسخه رایگان v2.0.3 برای IIS6 می باشد. جهت استفاده از بروزرسانی ها و امکانات سرور جدید IIS7 نسخه تجاری پیشنهاد می گردد.

Free version has most of the features and you can launch a full website using this CMS. If you want us to customize the system, please send a description of your requirements to us, so that we will determine the cost of customizations and your order will be done as you wish.

Demo version will only work on IIS6 web servers.